Wasatch Hunting Retriever Club (WHRC) was founded with the goal of maximizing all of the natural talent that your retriever has.  WHRC holds multiple training days (Picnics) a year and three AKC Hunt Tests and a Derby & Qual Field Trial on the last weekend of April each year.  

WHRC is a AKC affiliated dog club and is a member of both the Master National and the Master Amateur Retriever Clubs.  

Our home grounds consist of roughly 1000 acres of state owned land at the Lee Kay Center Grounds in Salt Lake City Utah.  (2100 South 5600 West) 

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Intro to Hunt Tests

Junior Level Consists of the following. 


Dog maybe brought to the line on lead


Dog may wear a flat buckle collar, no tags maybe on the collar

Dog may be LIGHTLY restrained at the line.

Dog must deliver to hand.  (Meaning handler must take the bird from the dogs mouth, not off the ground.) 

Two Series:  One land and one water. 

Each series consists of two SINGLE marks on either land or water. 

Marks up to 100 yards. 

Junior Hunt Test Video

AKC Senior Test

set_to_retrieve (1).JPG

Senior Level Consists of the following.

Dog to the line off lead.

Handler has a blank gun that must be shouldered as the marks are thrown. 

Dog must be steady on the line. (No breaking)

Dog must deliver to hand.

One diversion shot or bird will be used at some point throughout the test. 

There will be a honor in one of the series.  (Dog must sit or lay down and watch the working dog work.)

There will be a Walk Up in one of the series.  (As the dog is walking to the line the bird is thrown to simulate a jumped shot bird.  This mark is anywhere from 0-45 yards away.) 

Two series.  Water series consists of a double set of water marks.  Land Series consists of a double set of land marks.  

And a Land blind and water blind in any sequence will be done.  

Blinds and Marks (except walk up 45 max) will be up to 100 yards. 


To earn the Senior Title the dog needs to have 4 senior passes if the dog has earned a Junior Title.  If the dog has not earned the Jr title then the dog would need 5 Sr passes to earn its title.

Master Level

Three series:  Land, Land & Water, Water

At least two of the three series will consist of triple marks.  However the judges can throw a triple in all 3 series if they choose.  

One Series will have a double blind.  And there will be at least one other blind throughout the remaining two series. 

A walkup and honor are mandatory throughout the test.  

A diversion shot and/ or bird is mandatory.

Marks and blinds can be up to 150 yards. 

Blinds can be placed anywhere in the test (between marks etc.) and judges can have the dogs watch the marks, leave the marks and run a blind prior to picking up the marks.  


To earn a title the dog needs 5 Master passes if the dog has earned a Senior Title.  If the dog does not have a Senior title then the dog needs 6 passes to earn the Master Title. 

AKC Master Test